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The Magic of Editing

The magic and professionalism of video is in the editing. Many can videotape themselves now with the advent of Smart Phones, Zoom and more.  But how do you make it look good with graphics, music and give your videos that special creative touch? It’s the editor! And believe it or not, it isn’t expensive…but it’s SO worth it! Check out our partner company KungFuzos.  They create the TV Show opens and do all the editing for our TV Networks.

TV Show Open or Promo

Adding an Open to your TV show or creating a Promo for your business is a must in today’s visual world and doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can repurpose your Open or Promo by using it on your website, social media promotions and including it with your marketing kit.  Check out our partner samples.

Green Screen Editing

Creating a promo, commercial or TV show using the green screen allows our editing team to create a professional background for you inexpensively. You videotape with the green screen and we add the magic.Our you can outsource our studios for this effect.  Check out our partner samples.

Zoom Interviews & Backgrounds

Typically a Zoom background is black and doesn’t leave the best first impression. However adding your branding, logos and colors can make a huge difference and again isn’t expensive. Once our team creates it, you can use it over and over. Check out our partner samples.

TV Shows

Because we own a TV Station on ROKU, APPLETV and studios in Dallas we are experienced in creating TV Shows for our Hosts. Our production team can create a show using our Green Screen rooms with Virtual Sets or we can tape on location. Check out our partner samples.

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